Window Treatments by Design: Custom Drapes Made for Your Home or Business

Drapes are classic and timeless; they fill the room with design and substance. Drapes always make a statement; they are the drama within the room. Drapes are perfect for any area of your home or office that you would like to add a bit of sophistication and a distinctive mood. They can be made of very heavy fabrics or very light for a completely different feel to a room. They can be hung as merely statement pieces, off to the sides of your window, or made to open and close depending on your needs.

We are a custom drape fabricator with access to thousands of fabrics for you to choose the perfect mood and design of your drapes. We are also able to utilize a fabric you or your decorator has selected and create drapes according to your specifications.

Interested in custom draperies for your home or business? Window Treatments by Design is always pleased to consult with you for your best options. We look forward to hearing from you!