Safety / Motorization

The Serious Side to Beautiful Window Treatments

The window treatment industry is serious about its responsibility to provide customers with child-safe options. There are many products that help reduce window treatment accidents in the home, including cordless operating systems and safe lifting systems. Window coverings manufacturers are increasingly adding motorization options for both safety and convenience.

Below are some current product innovations that address child and pet safety.

Cordless Operating Systems
Most window treatment manufacturers have cordless options available that let you raise or lower a shade easily. These products are easy to operate and offer a simpler and cleaner look.

There are now many options available with remote, motorized operating systems that have eliminated cords. The window treatments may be raised or lowered by a wireless wall switch far out of reach or even by tapping a mobile phone app on an Apple® or Android™ device.

Options for Vertical Window Treatments

Vertical Systems
Hunter Douglas has an option called the Vertiglide™ operating system. It is an ideal choice for side-to-side situations such as room dividers and sliding glass doors. It is cordless to avoid entanglements.

Vertical Wands
Several manufacturers offer vertical, smooth plastic wands rather than cords on window treatments. These are much more preferable to cords.

Other Popular Systems

Clutch Lifting System
The “clutch lifting systems” are spring systems that use a single pull in place of a cord to operate a shade.

Many manufacturers, including Hunter Douglas, offer beautiful collections of cordless shutters to offer homeowners numerous options for child-safe window treatments. Shutters are commonly used in rooms with babies and toddlers.

UltraGlide® retractable pull-cord
This window treatment from Hunter Douglas allows that whether the homeowner wants to raise or lower the shade, the cord length never varies. It is not nearly as accessible to children or pets as conventional cord systems.

Combination Wand/Cord Systems
As its name implies, this system combines the tilting and “go across” functions of wands and cords into a single control that always keeps the cord taut.

Additional Safety Products
Other than the various cord systems shown above, there are other devices designed to address safety that are important to know about; especially for any household with children or pets.

Cord Tensioners
Cord tensioners are devices that operate by spring tension to hold looped cords very tight greatly reducing the likelihood of a child or pet becoming entangled.

Cord Cleat
No matter your household or type of window treatment, cleats are always a good idea for any system that uses a cord. Cleats allow you to tightly wrap cords and to create a more pleasing appearance. In addition, they make any system safer for children and pets by making the cords less accessible.

Hunter Douglas Recommendations

Whether you currently have a Hunter Douglas window treatment in place or not, you may find the following recommendations very useful, especially if your current system has a cord:

  • Prevention always begins with awareness. Be extra vigilant when children are around cords of any kind (including electrical wiring).
  • Position cribs, beds, playpens and other furniture on walls without windows and window cords.
  • Check your current window treatments for exposed or dangling cords.
  • Keep cords out of reach of children.
  • Eliminate any dangling cords with cordless window treatments.
  • Permanently anchor continuous cord loop window covering cords to the floor or wall.

Child safety is everyone’s business. Window Treatments by Design will be very pleased to discuss all of the child and pet safety options that are available for your home.